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The Leupold Archives

The Leupold Archives

 A Division of The Leupold Foundation

(A Repository of the Past and Present, for Use in the Future)


The preservation of the culture of the pipe organ is accomplished by the foundation’s Archival Division, which conducts its activities under the name of The Leupold Archives. This division is a music archive and research library, a repository of organ music and other related materials, open to the public and to private researchers by appointment, as well as to the editors of Wayne Leupold Editions.

The Leupold Archives’ offiicial inception was January 2008. Its current holdings were derived from a variety of sources: among them are the complete personal libraries of Wayne Leupold and many other professional organists. At one point, all the organ music from the library of the Guilmant Organ School was acquired. This school was housed for the first-half of the twentieth century at the First Presbyterian Church in New York City.

The Leupold Archives is housed in two rooms totaling 1,500 square feet in a building of 5,500 square feet owned by Wayne Leupold that also houses Wayne Leupold Editions, at 8510 Triad Drive, Colfax, North Carolina 27235. The floor, walls, ceilings, and heating and air conditioning of these two individual rooms have been remodeled carefully to control moisture and temperature in order to best preserve the materials. The entire collection of music has been placed into horizontal acid-free boxes on three hundred linear feet of multi-tiered, metal library shelving units.


The Leupold Archives follows the philosophy of The Leupold Foundation to focus on “all things organ.” First, it welcomes donations of organ music and books on all aspects of the organ: its literature and the performance practices of organ music. Second, it welcomes contributions of organ recordings and organ memorabilia of any and all types. Third, it welcomes financial contributions. All such gifts are tax deductible and used to fulfill the long-term mission to the world of the organ; thus making more of the organ’s vast and rich heritage of music accessible to the public. We encourage and appreciate everyone’s assistance.

If you find the mission worthwhile, please help support The Leupold Foundation and The Leupold Archives.

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