The Leupold Archives

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(A Repository of the Past and Present, for Use in the Future)


The Leupold Archives is a repository of past and present organ music and related items preserved for the future. It comprises a research library – a repository of organ music and related materials, including over 27,000 pieces of organ music, 4,000 books and hymnals, over 5000 recordings (78’s, 45’s, LP’s and CD’s) and other memorabilia, in effect a resource center for “all things organ.” The collection is housed in three rooms, totaling approximately 1,500 square feet, which have been remodeled and upgraded to control moisture and temperature. The organ music is stored in 1,200 acid-free boxes on approximately 300 linear feet of metal stacks of seven shelves. The organ music is filed by national school and then alphabetized by composers. Employees and volunteers are actively cataloging the collection. Over 15,000 catalog entries are now searchable on our website.

The official inception of The Leupold Foundation and The Leupold Archives was in January 2008, occasioned by a substantial bequest of organ music and books from the estate of Mary Ann Dodd (1931-2007), former university organist of Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. Current holdings include the complete personal libraries of Wayne Leupold; Arthur Poister (1898-1980), formerly of Syracuse University; the organ music from the library of the former Guilmant Organ School. (The Guilmant Organ School was housed for the first half of the 20th century at the First Presbyterian Church in New York City.)The archives also contain significant portions of the personal libraries of William C. Carl (1865-1936), Gerrit Smith (1859-1923), and Clarence Eddy (1851-1937), as well as all the holdings of Warren F. Johnson, Ernest White (1902-1980), McNeil Robinson (1943-2015), Robin Dinda (b. 1959) and Calvert Johnson (b. 1949), all very significant 20th-century American organ composers, scholars or performers. There also have been many additional donations of individual libraries of various sizes.

The Leupold Archives is housed in two rooms totaling 1,500 square feet in a building of 5,500 square feet owned by Wayne Leupold that also houses Wayne Leupold Editions, at 8510 Triad Drive, Colfax, North Carolina 27235. The floor, walls, ceilings, and heating and air conditioning of these two individual rooms have been remodeled carefully to control moisture and temperature in order to best preserve the materials. The entire music collection has been placed into horizontal acid-free boxes on three hundred linear feet of multi-tiered, metal library shelving units.


The Leupold Archives follows the philosophy of The Leupold Foundation to focus on “all things organ.” First, it welcomes donations of organ music and books on all aspects of the organ: its literature and the performance practices of organ music. Second, it welcomes contributions of organ recordings and organ memorabilia of any and all types. Third, it welcomes financial contributions. All such gifts are tax-deductible and used to fulfill the long-term mission of the organ world, thus making more of the organ’s vast and rich heritage of music accessible to the public. We encourage and appreciate everyone’s assistance.

The Leupold Archives is open to researchers by appointment. The Leupold Foundation is always in need of volunteers, particularly to assist in filing and cataloging the archives. Volunteers are always welcome to come for short half-days, full days, or even longer periods of time.

Please help support The Leupold Foundation and The Leupold Archives if you find the mission worthwhile.

OBTAINING COPIES of music in the Leupold Archives

Individual publications copyrighted in 1928 or earlier are usually in the public domain, and therefore are available for duplication. A paper copy is available (copyright 1928 or earlier) for $25 plus shipping and a $4 handling fee. A digital copy is available (copyright 1928 or earlier) for $25, plus a $4 handling fee.

Publications without a copyright notice or copyrighted in 1928 or later are usually still under copyright protection. in order to duplicate such a publication, a copyright release from the current copyright holder is necessary. permission may be simple as a letter or an email from the copyright holder or its permissions/licensing department, giving permission for The Leupold Foundation to make a digital or paper copy of the publication for the requester, then forward that consent document to the Foundation at

Once we receive the copyright permission you will need to contact Dee Jones, TLF Office Manager, at (800) 765-3196, give her your credit card information and let her know the format of the composition you want.

As soon as all steps are complete and payment is made, your order will be processed and on its way to you.

The Leupold Archives


The Leupold Archives has created two composer/performer/scholar collection “designations”: (1) designated files and (2) designated collections. Designated files contain, in addition to music (manuscript and published), copies of articles, monographs, other objective information, and general documents. Designated collections, in addition to containing the same materials contained in designated files, also contain unique items, such as original correspondence (to and from that person), photos, and other one-of-a-kind memorabilia. A “designated collection” is intended to be a comprehensive assemblage of materials that present, as much as possible, an in-depth understanding of the life of that individual: who the person was, how they lived, what they did, and the significance of their work. Currently, among the created files and collections are the following; more are being continually


Johann Sebastian Bach
John Barr
Johannes Brahms
Carson Cooman
Alfred Fedak
César Franck
Alexandre Guilmant
Rachel Laurin
André Marchal
Felix Mendelssohn
Olivier Messiaen
Max Reger
Josef Rheinberger
Donald Rotermund
Joe Utterback
Louis Vierne
Charles-Marie Widor


Robin Dinda
Marcel Dupré
Maurice Duruflé
Lynwood Farnam
George and Nancy Faxon
Calvin Hampton
Charles Henderson
Calvert Johnson
André Marchal
Arthur Poister
McNeil Robinson
Margaret Sandresky
Ernest White

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