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Bach Organ Works

Which volume of our Bach series Pedagogical works should I buy?

 Many customers have asked about the differences between our Bach series The Complete Organ Works Pedagogical Works, Volume 1A (WL500020) and Volume 1B (WL500021).

If you are a teacher, student or don’t have a good historical edition of these works you will probably find volume 1B more useful. Among its features are (1) harmonizations of all the chorales based on period figured bass settings. (2) text translations, and (3) historic ornament tables and (4) the three ornamented chorales with a fourth staff showing only chorale notes. If you are interested in the history/musicology of the works or already have an editions with the four items listed above. Volume 1A has (1) nine Orgel-Buchlein variants. (2) C.P.E. Bach’s arrangements of “”ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ,” and (3) the chart of Bach’s planned Orgel-Buchlein album. 

Don’t forget that both 1A and 1B include the Eight Short Preludes and Fugues, Pedal Exercitium, and the Orgel-Buchlein. both have an extensive forward and are edited by george Stauffer.

Supplementary Materials for Respective Volumes

Annotated Performer՚s Editions

Historical Techniques and Repertoire

Improvisation/Figured Bass


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