Improvisation at the Organ

A comprehensive series of books that teach improvisation at the organ.

Tier I—Beginning Level:

  • Denise Lanning - In the Beginning (WL600250)
  • John R. Shannon - First Improvisation Book (WL600143)

Tier II—Intermediate Level

  • John R. Shannon - Improvising in Traditional 17th- and 18th Century Harmonic Style Volume I (WL600187), Volume II (WL600232), Volume III (WL600283)
  • Derek Remeš - Realizing Thoroughbass Chorales in the Circle of J. S. Bach Volume 1 (WL500037), Volume II (WL500037)

Tier III—Advanced Level

  • Jeffrey Brillhart - Breaking Free (WL500023)
  • A World of Possibilities (WL500035)