A Beginning Series for Any Keyboard Instrument

Discover the Basics® is a four-volume series of introductory keyboard study for any keyboard instrument. The objectives are to develop the skills of (1) music reading, (2) keyboard coordination, and (3) musicianship, and to introduce (1) the primary composers for the piano and organ, (2) a brief history and mechanical understanding of all keyboard instruments, and (3) the basic sounds of the organ. Approximately 70% of the compositions have duet parts for the teacher. Discover the Basics® utilizes an intervallic approach to reading music. Gradually, the names of all the lines and spaces are learned.

Discover the Basics® consists of four successive books (A, B, C, and D). The student uses only one basic book at a time. Lesson, repertoire, technique, and theory are combined in each basic book. Students may use any keyboard instrument (piano, electronic keyboard, or any kind of organ) as their daily practice instrument. If an electronic organ or keyboard is used, weighted keyboards are recommended. For young students with short legs, PedXTend® raises the height of a pedal from 2‑1/2" to 8‑1/2", in one-inch increments. Five-piece, wood kit. For white or black pedals.