Organ Demonstrators

A series of compositions to demonstrate the organ to various age groups

During the past fifteen years, there has been increasing activity in developing programs and activities that expose the pipe organ to more young children. Organ Demonstrators, published by Leupold Editions, is an exciting new series of organ compositions that have been developed to be a resource when doing such programs and activities. Each composition is designed to demonstrate the pipe organ to a specific age group. There are four designated age groups: lower elementary (kindergarten through second grade), upper elementary (third through fifth grade), middle school (sixth through eighth grade), and high school and adults. A few demonstrators are appropriate for more than one age group. Some are based on pre-existing melodies, while others are developed from newly composed themes. Many have a part for the narrator or optional narrator. Most are multi-movement works, each movement having a specific registration intended to demonstrate one of the four families of organ tone (principals, flutes, reeds, and strings) or other aspects of the organ. In some publications, additional movements are present to round out the overall theme or story of the work.