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Leupold Music

Bargains Division

Leupold Music fulfills the dissemination portion of the Leupold Foundation's mission. It receives all organ publications and books donated to the archives that are not needed to be retained because of duplication. Over 2,000 publications are currently listed for sale at very reasonable prices. It will allow for an organist to easily and continually enrich his or her organ music library with actual published copies instead of photocopies. In addition to organ music, Leupold Music also has many books dealing with the organ and some back issues of organ periodicals.

Conditions Key

UsedPoor quality; pages could have tears, tape segments,
loose binding with free pages, and poor quality print (faded)
GoodMay have pencil markings or slight tears
Very GoodLittle to no markings
Like NewLike New no markings or tears
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