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Marcel Dupre

Welcome to the “Dupré Celebration” presented by The Leupold Foundation. This concept
initially began to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of Marcel Dupré’s death, 2021. But covid and
other incumbrances have slightly slowed its development, but not our enthusiasm for a
celebration of arguably the most significant organ performer and improviser of the twentieth
century. Three authors and all three divisions of The Leupold Foundation have contributed to
this internet celebration.

First, we have three articles: (1) a brief overview of Dupré’s life by Sarah Thomas, a staff editor
at The Leupold Foundation; (2) an article by the celebrated scholar and author, Rollin Smith, of
Dupre’s first decade of creative activity—the 1920’s; and (3) an article that sheds light on the
politics around Dupré and the French organ world of Dupré’s time by the distinguished organ
teacher, Jesse Eschbach.

Second, Leupold Editions has available thirteen new editions of Dupré’s organ music, seven in
the unique series, Legendary Improvisations and five in the new inexpensive reprint series,
Informative Classic Organ Reprints. We also have included several of the original recordings of
live performances of improvisations by Dupré from which David Steck transcribed and
reconstructed the newly published improvisations.

Third, Leupold Music now has available over forty original, preowned organ publications for
sale at very reasonable prices, many only one copy.

Fourth, we have drawn from The Leupold Archives, a multiplicity of unique documents,including photos, recitals programs and other memorabilia to enhance a greater understandingof Dupré as a person, performer, improviser, and composer. So, enjoy—our celebration of Marcel Dupré—un musician extraordinaire.

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In 1920, Marcel Dupré was 34 years old. He had been, by this time, assistant to Charles-Marie Widor at the...

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Marcel Dupré (1886–1971)

Marcel Jean Jules Dupré, one of the world’s most renowned twentieth century organists was born May 3, 1886 in Rouen,...

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Marcel Dupre: His Legacy Considered 50 Years after his Death

There is little need here to reconsider Marcel Dupré’s stupendous achievements during his long and storied career. His unparalleled feats...

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Marcel Dupré Interview

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Offertoire by Marcel Dupré (December 13, 1970)

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Offertoire by Marcel Dupré (April 11, 1971)

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Improvisation 1949 by Marcel Dupré

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Passacaglia and Fugue in F Minor by Marcel Dupré Improvised at Cologne Cathedral on October 11, 1961. Marcel Dupré, Organist.

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Marcel Dupré 10 Récitals d’Orgue Programme

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